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It’s important that all components of the tank be designed as a system.  This includes all loading conditions, operational considerations, and

Most often the tank is designed as a standalone structure, while all equipment, attachments, and products are designed individually with little to no coordination.

As the base component of the system, the tank design and configuration rightfully dictate the design considerations for the appurtenances.

This places a critical emphasis on not just the quality of these appurtenances but on the skill, knowledge and capabilities of the suppliers.

Evolving design codes and requirements, combined with operational practices pushing the envelope, place an even greater emphasis on the suppliers and their ability to evaluate and design to suit the system.

These requisite skills ideally include a considerable depth and breadth of technical knowledge and ability, as well as practical, well-rounded experience in the critical aspects of the system.

DirecTank provides that capability.  Our team consists of true industry experts, each with a broad range of experience and deep understanding of the critical aspects for proper tank system design and operation.

We currently offer a broad range of Rim Seals, floating Roof Drains, Floating Suctions and Skimmer systems.  Our products are designed in accordance with all relevant industry standards.  The core technology is nothing unique; for the most part, there haven’t been any innovations with these products for decades.  The differentiation lies in the engineering evaluation and application of these products, and the quality assurance and control system utilized to ensure that everything is produced correctly.

We do not push customers to buy more than they need.  We analyze the requirements and components of the system and prescribe solutions that are suitable and efficient.

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” Rim Seal (or Roof Drain).  Our methods involve detailed analysis followed by thorough engineering.  When the customer is in a rush, we take advantage of our extensive inventory and use it to develop what is required for that specific scenario.

We are actively looking for ways to innovate and improve upon existing technology.  Much of this is regulation driven, and we are attempting to predict where regulations may take us so that we can already be there when the rest of the industry arrives.

We have had success thus far with small innovations that are the result of value engineering and clever manufacturing, as well as ongoing discussions with installation personnel.  We welcome any and all feedback from the field, as they know what works and what doesn’t better than anyone.  Many suppliers either choose to overlook this or simply don’t care, and some of the products show it.  Nothing developed and produced at DirecTank is done without substantial input from the field.  This is additional to what our team of experts has experienced collectively.

DirecTank is committed to quality in every step of the manufacturing process.  We understand that the ultimate quality of our products is dependent upon a collaborative process that requires each individual supplier, manufacturer, and process to meet our rigorous standards.

We subject our entire supply chain to a thorough evaluation and continuous audit process.  All of the raw material that we use comes from reputable, highly scrutinized suppliers that provide us with complete mill certifications.

Most AST Products companies would either not go that far or just stop right there, but we don’t.  At DirecTank we don’t take short-cuts.  We use independent testing labs to verify upon receipt that all critical components within our supply chain either meets or exceeds the appropriate specifications.

With an ongoing QA/QC audit program, our dedicated team of engineers and quality managers, with the full support and oversight by our executive team, promote continuous improvement throughout the entire process, thus reducing and eliminating non-conformities, and most importantly preventing our customers from costly problems in the field.

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