Key Features:

  • Fully compliant with API Standard 650 and NFPA requirements
  • Designed to fit any secondary seal (new or existing)
  • Very effective at channeling the fire-fighting foam to the fire source in the annular spaced
  • All components fabricated from stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance and long, maintenance-free operation in all conditions
  • All-bolted assembly and installation with zero hot-work required, facilitating simple, fast, and safe installation during in-service or out-of-service periods
  • Multiple bracing options to minimize connections to the floating roof deck
INTEGRATED RIM-MOUNTED FOAM DAMS - DirecTank Environmental Products

Key Benefits:

  • Robust, corrosion resistance components
  • Can be easily retrofit to an existing floating roof regardless of the previous foam dam configuration and system
  • More efficient and effective than conventional welded foam dams
  • Premium, independently certified Materials with full traceability