Richard King is the Product Manager for DirecTank Environmental Products.  His responsibilities include product design oversight, research and development, market assessment, sales support, and installation support.

Richard brings over 40 years of experience in the aboveground storage tank industry, having started and spent the bulk of his career with HMT. During that time he served in multiple roles and was integral to the development of virtually every product introduced during that time. He brings a vast amount of knowledge and understanding of AST Products and is highly regarded within the industry as the leading expert on floating roof Seals. He has served in virtually every function in the business at one time or another and brings firsthand knowledge of all AST Products, including floating roof Seals, Aluminum Internal Floating Roofs, Aluminum Geodesic Dome Covers, Drain Systems, and other ancillary products. He has encountered practically every situation and scenario imaginable during his career in both the Domestic and International markets. He has proven himself as a problem solver and industry subject matter expert, with several patents and product designs to his credit. If you come across an issue or situation that no one has ever seen, there is a good chance that Richard has seen it and can help you solve it.