The DirecTank DirectFlex Secondary Metallic Wiper Seal is manufactured under the guidance of our Exhaustive QA/QC program and ISO accreditation. Every seal is subjected to a thorough engineering analysis and validation process.

Key Features

  • Unmatched sealing performance ensuring tight fit against the tank shell with virtually zero gapping
  • Hardened High-Tensile Stainless-Steel support plates providing continuous, reliable “spring-back” over the long service life for all operational and tank shell conditions
  • Can be installed in or out-of-service
  • Support plates are lapped and independent so they are not connected to one another, enabling sufficient degree of freedom for variable rim space and inherent flexibility
  • Continuous vapor barrier fabric on the underside, so no need for unreliable gaskets on the support plates
  • Premium vapor barrier fabric options, including Polyurethane and Teflon
  • Wiper tip is bolted in-place, so no need for installing time-consuming rivets.
  • Protector Clips on the underside to shield the wiper tip fasteners from contacting the tank shell
  • Can be designed and equipped with burn-out ports for fire-fighting foam systems.

Key Benefits

  • Robust, customized components developed to provide continuous, worry-free operation
  • Wiper tip is highly resilient and chemically compatible and designed to function in almost all conditions, maintaining a tight fit on even tank shells in poor condition with abnormalities and obstructions.
  • Excellent support plate Compression ensuring a tight fit across entire working range
  • Premium, independently certified materials with full traceability
  • Simple, Safe Installation with all-bolted connections, no necessary hot-work, and no gasketed connection between the support plates
  • Suitable for a broad range of service conditions, tank shell conditions, stored products, and floating roof types.

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