DirecTank has designed and developed its own unique mechanical shoes for internal and external roofs. Based on our extensive experience of the industry. Floating tank roof seals are specialized seals used in storage tanks with floating roofs. These roofs seals are used to minimize the evaporation of volatile petrochemical liquids. Such as oil and gasoline, that are stored in the tanks. The floating roof adjust itself at the surface of the liquid and adjust itself as the liquid level changes. The seal is placed between the floating roof and the tank wall to prevent the escape of vapors. Floating roof seal is designed to withstand the movement and flexing of the floating roof caused by changes in temperature and liquid level, while maintaining a secure sealing metal roof.

Floating Roof Tank Seals are typically made of materials such as rubber, neoprene, or polyurethane, which are resistant to the corrosive effects of the stored liquids. There are several different types of floating roof seals, including rim seals, wiper seals, and mechanical shoe seals.