The Direct X Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal for External Floating Roofs

The Direct x – primary mechanical shoe seal for external floating roofs is preferred primary shoe seal in the tank industry. And is considered as the most reliable and efficient option on the market.

A primary mechanical shoe seal for external floating roofs is a specialised type of shoe seal. Which is used in storage tanks with external floating roofs. This type of mechanical seal is designed for continuous, tight seal between the floating roof and the tank wall. Preventing the escape of vapours and reducing the risk of liquid spills.

Featuring robust, with all stainless-steel components. This seal provides a considerable effective working range and long and reliable service life. It is suitable for both installation during either in-service or out-of-service periods. The Directank Direct X Shoe Support mechanism consists of a durable single hinge configuration. With sufficient structural rigidity to hold the shoe plate level throughout variable rim spaces.

The seal is created by the compression of a flexible sealing material, between the shoes or rollers and the tank wall. The shoes or rollers move with the floating roof, allowing the seal to flex and adapt to changes in the tank level and temperature. These components allow for reliable performance in even the most challenging operational conditions. Including large rim gaps and tank shell inconsistencies. The mechanical shoe primary seal is the primary seal of choice for the vast majority of tank owner and operators. And the best choice for reliable, continuous operation.

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Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal
Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal

Key Features:

  • Customized Configuration for Optimum Performance
  • Hardened High-Tensile Stainless-Steel Spring Components, providing continuous, reliable operation
  • Extremely Durable with Excellent working range
  • Friendly for out-of-service installation
  • Premium vapor barrier fabric options, including Polyurethane and Teflon
  • Full compliance with all relevant codes and regulations, including the EPA 40 CFR 60 and local Air Quality Management District requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent Shoe Compression for Tight Fit across a wide working range
  • This is the worry-free option due to its versatility, and robust design
  • Full traceability on manufacturing and materials independently certified.
  • Simple, safe Installation with all-bolted connections and no necessary hot-work
  • Ideal for retrofitting to replace existing underperforming seals
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