Low Profile Secondary Seal


Low-Profile Secondary Seal provides the lowest vertical profile with maximum working range, giving owners and operators the ability to optimize the usable working capacity of their tanks.

For a typical floating roof configuration, the Capacity+ can potentially provide thousands of barrels of product capacity gains per tank turnover.

Equipped with a robust, PTFE-wrapped wiper tip, and critical components manufactured from high-strength, hardened spring steel, the Capacity+ provides the best blend of desired features to combat challenging operational conditions, wide variable rim gaps, and tank shell abnormalities while also maximizing product levels.

Additionally, the Capacity+ has been designed with installation-friendly features to minimize time and optimize safety, all at an economical price with the best lead time and warranty in the industry.


Key Features:

  • Extruded, robust two-point wiper tip with 20-mil cross-reinforced PTFE wrap
  • High-strength, spring-steel mechanical components
  • Sealing performance and flexibility ensures a tight fit against the tank shell with virtually no gapping and water-shedding capabilities
  • Installed while tank remains in-service or out-of-service
  • Low profile with maximum horizontal working range
  • Wide material compatibility, featuring multiple vapor fabric options
  • Satisfies the California South Coast Air Quality Management District requirement for optimal classification as a Category “A” secondary seal.

Key Benefits:

  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Customized components provide a continuous, worry-free operation while allowing for maximum product capacity, zero-gap right fit and a long service life
  • Highly resilient and chemically compatible wiper tip. Designed to function in almost all conditions, maintaining a tight fit against general tank abnormalities.
  • Excellent support plate compression ensures a tight fit across the entire working range
  • Premium, independently certified materials with full traceability
  • Simple, safe and fast installation with all-bolted connections, pre-punched fabric and pre-punched, pre-wrapped wiper tip.
  • Suitable for a broad range of service conditions, tank shell conditions, stored products, and floating roof types

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Capacity Plus Low-Profile Secondary Seal