Gauge Pole Cover, Leg Socks and Vapor Sleeves

Charter Gauge Pole Covers considered as pole guard

and Vapor-Sleeve Gauge Pole Covers

aid in the reduction of hydrocarbon vapors escaping from petroleum storage tanks via the slotted gauge pole and/or the gauge well. Directank has been manufacturing quality roof poles

They are made from ALL-CHEM pu-2035 fabrics which offer supreme UV protections and industry leading chemical compatibility. Charter’s Vapor-Sleeve is engineered for MAXIMUM flexibility while maintaining the highest possible puncture/abrasion resistance.

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Vapor Sleeve Gauge Pole Cover
Vapor Sleeve Gauge Pole Cover

Key Features

  • Improved Zipper Design
    • ”Single Pass” Zipper Closure
    • More than 2x Faster Installation
    • Waterproof
  • Wide ranging chemical compatibility

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Product Loss Costs
  • Minimize Product Emissions
  • Fast, easy install — quickly and easily installed and in certain cases while the tank is in service
  • Complies with environment regulations — designed with even the strictest environmental regulations in mind
  • Long service life — premium fabric options for the harshest environments
Charter Leg Socks

reduce hydrocarbon vapor losses and product losses. They are manufactured in accordance with the highest industry standards as a certified ISO 9001 registered company.

DirecTank-Charter-GPC & Leg Boot
DirecTank-Charter-GPC & Leg Boot

Key Features

  • Manufactured to Highest Quality Standards – ISO 9001 Certified
  • Rated for Use in Ethanol Applications

Key Benefits

  • Reduce product loss costs
  • Reduce hydrocarbon vapor loss
DirecTank Charter GPC & Leg Boot Brochure

click image to download brochure (pdf)