Skin & Pontoon Aluminum Internal Floating Roof

The Direct Deck Skin & pontoon aluminum Internal Floating pontoon Roof is a reliable, efficient, and adaptable. Internal floating cover option which features high‐quality, robust aluminum components.

Both leg-supported and cable‐suspended options are available, as are hybrid aluminum‐stainless steel and all‐stainless steel options. Additionally, the Direct Deck is available in both 500 and 1000 models, depending upon specifications and requirements.

These models Aluminum internal floating roof are based upon the API Standard 650 structural design requirements. With the 1000 featuring additional reinforcement for enhanced structural strength. The Direct Deck can be easily customized as required to meet the most stringent and unique specifications.

The Direct Deck will accommodate a varying range of service conditions, and is equipped with a custom‐designed primary seal (mechanical shoe or wiper). With secondary seal and foam dam options. Designed to operate efficiently in conjunction with the roof to provide a system with the superior flexibility required to handle reasonable operational and dynamic loads and high cycle frequencies.

The Direct Deck combines sound engineering, proven technology, and installer‐friendly enhancements.

Key Features:

  • Robust aluminum components.
  • Available as leg supported and cable-suspended options
  • Available in aluminum-stainless steel and all stainless steel options
  • Available in 500 and 1000 models

Key Benefits:

  • Customization meets unique requirements
  • Versatile, robust design providing continuous, worry‐free operation
  • Economic and less material needed, it is easy to use and it is very easy to install with the materials provided.
  • Since it is a Pontoon,Aluminum the risk is less when testing and manufacturing are done properly.
  • The most prolonged IFRs type when regular maintenance is done
  • Full traceability on manufacturing and materials independently certified with 3rd party validation
  • Simple, safe installation with all‐bolted connections and no necessary hot‐work
  • Extremely durable with excellent working range
  • Customised configuration for optimum performance
Direct Deck Skin & Pontoon Aluminum IFR

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