Integrated Rim-mounted Foam Dams

If the worst happens and a fire breaks out in an aboveground storage tank, this usually occurs in the rim space. DirecTank’s Integrated Rim-Mounted Foam Dams are effective prevention towards to fire spreading. It is compatible to any AST irrelevant of its past fire prevention functionality. The integrated rim-mounted foam dam consists of a foam-filled structure that is attached to the rim of the floating roof. The dam foam filled structure creates a barrier between the floating roof and the tank wall. Preventing the escape of vapors and reducing the risk of liquid spills.

The foam material used in the integrated rim-mounted foam dam is flexible and resilient, allowing it to accommodate large amounts of tank movement. This is important in floating roof tanks, where the floating roof is subject to significant movement due to wind, temperature changes, and other factors.

One of the key advantages of the integral foam dams are its ability to adapt to changes in the tank level. As the tank level changes, the foam-filled structure adjusts to maintain a tight seal between the floating roof and the tank wall.

The integrated rim-mounted foam dam is particularly useful in tanks where there are restrictions on the maximum height of the floating roof, as it can be designed to fit within these restrictions while still providing an effective seal.

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Key Features:

  • Fully compliant with API Standard 650 and NFPA requirements
  • Designed to fit any secondary seal (new or existing)
  • Effectively channels the fire-fighting foam to the fire source in the annular spaced
  • All components fabricated from stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance and long, maintenance-free operation in all conditions
  • All-bolted assembly and installation with zero hot-work required, facilitating simple, fast, and safe installation during in-service or out-of-service periods
  • Multiple bracing options to minimize connections to the floating roof deck

Key Benefits:

  • Robust, corrosion resistance components
  • Can be easily retrofit to an existing floating roof regardless of the previous foam dam configuration and system
  • More efficient and effective than conventional welded foam dams