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DirecTank Environmental Products, LLC and Charter Industrial Supply, LLC Alliance

As of January 27, 2020, DirecTank Environmental Products, LLC (based in Houston, TX), and Charter Industrial Supply, LLC (based in Orange, CA), have entered into a mutually exclusive strategic sales agreement that will enable each company to better serve the needs and demands of the AST Products market.  DirecTank and Charter are now offering each company’s respective product lines throughout North America while continuing to provide first-class customer service, competitive prices, and the best lead times in the industry.  This agreement is designed to provide further enhancement to the customer experience, allowing for complete utilization of the technical and operational synergy between the two companies, and ease of access to each company’s respective and complementary products and capabilities.

Existing customers should feel free to continue to contact their usual representatives for each respective company, so, in general, nothing regarding your typical communication and process needs to change.

Alternatively, information and pricing for all DirecTank and/or Charter products can now be obtained from any of the following contacts:

William Dominguez
National Sales Manager
[email protected]

Kyle King
Sales Manager
[email protected]

Brandon Austin, P.E.
Vice President / General Manager
[email protected]

We hope that this alliance between our two companies will serve our mutual goal of contributing to the efficiency and success of our customers as we continue to explore new and better ways to service the AST Products market.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the individuals listed above.