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Installing and Maintaining Gauge Pole Covers

Installing and Maintaining Gauge Pole Covers

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Installing and Maintaining Gauge Pole Covers is essential to protecting your investment.

Selecting the Right Cover

Choose a cover specifically designed for your gage pole model. The cover should be made of durable, weather-resistant fabric like vinyl-coated polyester or Hypalon and securely fastened at the base to protect against the elements. For the best protection, select a cover that extends up to the top of the pole.


Install the cover when the gage pole is not in use. Ensure the area around the base of the pole is clear of debris. Slide the cover over the top of the pole and pull down, securing the Velcro, snaps, or drawstring at the base according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Tighten to create an airtight seal and prevent billowing.

Inspection and Maintenance

Inspect the gage pole cover regularly and after major weather events. Look for any tears, punctures, or other damage and repair or replace the cover immediately. Built-up dirt or debris can abrade the material over time, so periodically clean the cover when visibly soiled. When not in use, keep the cover securely installed on the gage pole.

Installing and Maintaining Gauge Pole Covers


Proper installation and routine maintenance of gage pole covers will shield your investment from environmental damage and extend the lifespan, ensuring accurate readings and safe operating conditions for years to come. With regular care and replacement when needed, gage pole covers are a cost-effective means of protecting essential monitoring equipment.